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After messing around for the past 2hrs trying to figure out which driver I needed for the LSI Logic SCSI controller under ESXi I’ve finally worked it out. You need to go to and download the Windows XP WHQL driver (currently v1.20.18.00).

Once you’ve downloaded it, extract it, then extract the symmpi_wXP_1201800.ZIP file contained inside.

Open WinImage and create a new 1.44mb floppy with the files contained in symmpi_wXP_1201800.ZIP in the root of the image. Make sure you save it as a .FLP!!!

Copy the image to your datastore and attach it to the floppy drive of your XP VM (making sure you have LSI Logic selected in the SCSI controller options) but untick the option to have the floppy drive connected.

Start the XP install and make sure you hit F6 when prompted to install the additional SCSI drivers. Go back and connect your floppy drive and you will be able to load the drivers and complete the install.


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