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As we’re implementing a migration from Windows 2003/Exchange 2003 to Windows 2008/Exchange 2007 at work at the moment I’ve been doing a lot of reading on FSMO placement for the new domain controllers. I found this article which gives a clear outline of how it should be done.

In my environment, we have 1 physical DC which is also the file server and TS licensing server, and another VM which is built specifically as a DC. The VM is assigned the Schema Master, Domain Naming Master, PDC Emulator, RID Master roles and is a Global Catalogue, while the file server will handle the Infrastructure Master role and will NOT be a Global Catalogue. All DCs at branch offices will be setup as Read Only DCs and will be Global Catalogues and will be configured to cache the passwords of the users at that office. As we are also running Exchange 2007 at this site I am evaluating whether there is another server we can promote as a redundant Global Catalogue.


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