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I received this error after upgrading my Windows 8 PC with VMWare Workstation 9 to Windows 8.1 Preview. The solution was simply to run a repair the VMWare Workstation 9 installation.

The exact error was:

Could not get vmci driver version: The handle is invalid.

You have an incorrect version of driver "vmci.sys". Try reinstalling VMware Workstation.

Module DevicePowerOn power on failed.

Failed to start the virtual machine.

An initial Google search returned recommendations to modify the VMX files and set vmci0.present = "FALSE". This will allow the VM to boot, but you won't have any network/Internet access.

I simply downloaded the matching VMWare Workstation installation package for my installation and used it to perform a repair on my installation. After rebooting my PC, my VMs booted without any issues and everything worked as expected.




As stated in my post, that will allow the VM to boot but you won't have any network access. You need to do a repair.




Open configuration file of the VMWARE Virtural Machine

Set the vmci0.present = FALSE

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