link mysqld_safe using 100% CPU

Both my network monitoring servers suffered this condition over the 2wks my company takes holidays for Christmas so I returned to work to find 2 VMs consuming 6ghz of CPU between them. A quick check of top showed mysqld_safe consuming 100% CPU on both VMs for no apparent reason.

link CentOS 5 Hyper-V VM Won't Boot After Integration Services Removal

I had a CentOS 5 Hyper-V VM running on Windows 2012 / Hyper-V 3.0 on which I mistakenly installed the Linux Integration Services 3.4 using the RHEL57 packages. The installation completed with some warnings and the initial reboot was OK, but after removing the "microsoft-hyper-v" and "kmod-microsoft-hyper-v" the VM would no longer boot due to a kernel panic.

link CentOS 7 Basic NIC Teaming

I wanted to enable basic roundrobin NIC teaming on my HP MicroServer Gen8. This configuration allows load balancing and fault tolerance. When transferring data to the server it will only be received via 1 NIC meaning a 1Gbps limit, but when sending data it will load balance over both NICs meaning you can achieve up to 2Gbps. A future article will describe how to enable 802.3ad LACP aggregation which will provide 2Gbps data transfers both ways. This post will also work on RHEL 7.