link mysqld_safe using 100% CPU

Both my network monitoring servers suffered this condition over the 2wks my company takes holidays for Christmas so I returned to work to find 2 VMs consuming 6ghz of CPU between them. A quick check of top showed mysqld_safe consuming 100% CPU on both VMs for no apparent reason.

link CentOS 5 Hyper-V VM Won't Boot After Integration Services Removal

I had a CentOS 5 Hyper-V VM running on Windows 2012 / Hyper-V 3.0 on which I mistakenly installed the Linux Integration Services 3.4 using the RHEL57 packages. The installation completed with some warnings and the initial reboot was OK, but after removing the "microsoft-hyper-v" and "kmod-microsoft-hyper-v" the VM would no longer boot due to a kernel panic.