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This post is a continuation of my previous steps on getting a custom CentOS 6 install running on Linode using PV-GRUB.

If you used Linode's CentOS distro deployment feature you will need to follow steps 15-16 of the custom CentOS post to create /boot/grub/menu.lst and make PV-GRUB boot the CloudLinux kernel.

  1. Install the base package group
    yum groupinstall -y base
  2. Install cPanel
    sh ./latest
  3. At the time of this post I was installing cPanel 11.32. After assistance from cPanel support, there is a possible bug where some perl modules fail to install and they need to be force-installed:
    # Failed install: IO::Socket::INET6
    # Failed install: Net::LibIDN
    # Failed install: Socket6
    # Failed install: XML::LibXML::Common
    # Failed install: XML::LibXML
    # Failed install: NetAddr::IP
    # Failed install: Mail::SPF
    # Failed install: Mail::SpamAssassin
    # Failed install: Net::DAV::Server
    /scripts/checkperlmodules --full --force
  4. Edit /etc/sysconfig/iptables and move the ICMP unreachable rule on the INPUT queue to the end of the queue (otherwise you'll block access to your cPanel services)
    # Comment out line 10
    # Copy+paste it to about line 33 (just before the "-A FORWARD" line)
    service iptables restart
  5. Install CloudLinux
    sh ./cpanel2cl -k <activation_key>
    /scripts/easyapache --build
  6. You're now running cPanel + CloudLinux on your CentOS 6 Linode.




They're still running Xen as the hypervisor so it should still be the same process




Hey there,

Would this still work nowadays? knowing that linde has upgraded their platform infrastructure...


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